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Will Twitter become an effective E-Commerce site when their new ‘But Button’ is released?

Twitter’s recent branch out to E-Commerce is being tested as one of the first ‘but from social media’ buttons to be developed.

We’re looking at this, not from the perspective of the customer, but from the company’s point of view: Could this be the life-line social media based companies need to branch out to SEO?

Recently, we've been seeing many companies struggle with sales and marketing techniques!

More often than not, it's a case of not knowing where to push the sale and where to market to your audience.

This confusion causes a decrease in sales numbers which is something no company ever wants to see! It’s because of this, that we’re trying to clue people in, on a brilliant technique called content marketing. This form of marketing has been proved to be less aggressive in the first instance and tends to focus more on the relationship side of marketing, instead of getting a sale.

Are you looking for a more responsive web design?

In today's culture it is always a good idea to make your website responsive. There are many perks to having a responsive website- these include; better viewing experience, increased return traffic and better opinions towards your company.

Responsive web design is where a website is designed to adapt to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. This means if your audience is viewing your website on a wide screen device such as their laptop or desktop computer, the website will fill the screen, but if they are viewing it on a smaller device such as their mobile phone then the website will shrink to fit the phone accordingly, making it easier for your site to be viewed quickly and easily.

The 4 Ps of Marketing

These four Ps are a valuable asset to any marketer.

Whether just starting the job or having been in business for years. Although they tend to vary among different business sectors, these are the four Ps:
•    Product
•    Price
•    Place
•    Promotion

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