‘Mobile-Friendly’ Are you? Google thinks you should be!

    Breaking News! The big G (Google) has finally rolled out its new web feature, the ‘mobile-friendly’ label to all of its mobile search results.

    What this means is if your website is able to perform well on mobile devices, from tablets to phones, then this label-tag will be automatically added under your Webpage URL. Google insisted this new feature was an inevitable step into helping users ‘to have a better mobile web experience’ and is here to stay!


    Does social media work for Ecommerce?

    New research has suggested that social media might not be that great for your website, if it’s an Ecommerce site that is!

    Although social media is a great tool for creating interaction and engaging with your audience, new research suggest that this channel isn’t effective at converting your audiences interest into sales.. not yet anyway!

    With new research from Bounce Exchange sharing that social media often only accounts for 1.2% of a companies online conversions, many UK businesses are left wondering why!

    Currently, social media is much more effective at creating interest amongst a companies audience, often seeing engagement with posts that are non-sales related... but it seems this is soon about to change!

    What do I need to know:

    •    Facebook and Twitter are both currently testing ‘buy’ buttons – allowing businesses to drive traffic straight to make a purchase
    •    The implementation of the ‘buy’ button cuts out many steps of the purchase process, encouraging ‘impulse purchasing’ from your customers
    •    This new tool is expected to see a huge increase in conversions from social media (let’s be honest it’s not hard to improve on 1.2%!)

    What will my customers see?

    It is extremely likely that when browsing, your customers will see something that looks like this:

    As you can see, it really is early days for the social media ‘buy’ button, so it's hard to say just how successful it'll be.. But the top dogs seem to agree that there's some real potential with it.

    What we’re saying is, that buttons like Twitter's and Facebook's could help your business see a higher return on your investment in social media... some point soon we hope! We are looking forward to seeing how this unravels and will keep you updated along the way!

    Develop and Promote meet Lincolns star Paralympian Jade Etherington


    We Joined local business owners at Branston Hall Hotel last night, for the Annual General Meeting and to celebrate 40 years of the FSB (Federation of small businesses) and were honoured to be joined by guest speaker Jade Etherington for dinner. Jade is a British alpine skier and with her sighted guide Caroline Powell, became the most successful female British Winter Paralympians of all time winning 3 silver and 1 bronze at the Sochi Winter Paralympic Games in 2014. She is also going to be teaching geography right here in Branston at the Academy as well as been skilled at motivational speaking! One of Jade’s comments that particularly hit a cord with us was, when referring to her team mate she said "It takes a lot of trust, effort and honesty to work together; we have really effective team work. They have really established roles.”

     9 Common Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media


    Using social media for the first time can be really difficult, and using it to promote your business can be even more of a challenge!

    When posting on Twitter, it’s easy to just think: “It’s only 140 characters. How hard can it be?

    The answer may surprise you! There are a lot of businesses out there, who are getting it wrong and wondering why they gain no interaction or leads from their posts.

    It’s vitally important to have a strategy and really plan out they way you want your business to come across to potential customers. Take into account things like brand voice, posting times, imagery, campaign goals, broader marketing goals, etc. A tweet is never just a tweet!

    With so much to consider, it’s easy to make mistake but by learning from them, you can become an expert in no time.

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