24 ‘Ridiculous’ Facts that will make you think again about Social Media

    Social media is one of those areas that a lot of businesses forgo in pursuit of other marketing efforts. They either don’t see the relevance or think it’s more of a personal platform for those wishing to speak to their friends. Social media however, is big business. Yes, it can be conversational in nature and tone, but so can marketing. Time and time again we have talked about the importance of relationship selling and nurturing, and what better way to take advantage of this, than by connecting to your potential customers through the medium of Social Media.

    If you already comprehend the power of social media, it may be that you just don’t have the time to implement it into your marketing strategy, and that’s understandable. First you need to know which channels are suitable for your market, then you have to spend time thinking through tweets and posts that are interesting and engaging. It is a bit of a mission.

    At Develop and Promote we have experts in social media who do this kind of work, day in, day out and can work within a budget. With the launch of our new service, ‘My Marketing Assistant’ you can pay for an expert to help you out with any marketing task on an hourly rate; only paying for what you get. So, if it’s time, knowledge or apathy that’s been putting you off from getting connected then here are some stats we have collated to convince you that it should be an integral part of your business.


    Why digital businesses are increasingly choosing to work remotely


    In 2015 Microsoft released a white paper entitled, ‘Working without Walls’. It focus was the benefits of working remotely, opposed to working with an office-based environment. Since its release there has been a great deal of debate over this subject with some for and some against its research outcome. So what have we learned?






    How to Structure a Marketing Email - With our Easy-Checklist

    Despite many marketers claiming that email marketing is dead – a recent report by Statista.com reported that 66% of online consumers purchased a product or service because of a marketing email they had received. This leads into the question of what happens to the other 44%?

    Do they end up in spam folders or get deleted before they’re even opened? The answer: Probably.


    marketing assistant lincoln uk


    Getting noticed in the world of email marketing is becoming progressively harder, however there are certain things you can do, which, can improve not only your open rate, but, your conversion rates too.

    Because let’s face it... If your response rate is less than 10% then you really could use some work!



    "Failure to train means failure to progress"


    Over the last few months Develop and Promote have been big proponents of training and development within companies, so much so that in 2016 we introduced our program, “Everything Business”. But why have we done this, and why is it so important for you as a SME in the East Midlands and beyond to invest your time and resources into educating your employees?


    training services Lincoln


    Training presents a bit of a dilemma when it comes to putting money aside, it’s expensive for the most part. Not only when paying a company for their expertise, but to take your employees away from their day-to-day activities. Yet despite the potential drawbacks - training and development provides both the company as a whole and individual employees with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.


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