How are you "reacting" to Facebook new 'Like' Buttons?


    After years of discussion within Facebook HQ, this month finally, saw the rolling out of the ‘reaction emojis’. Since 2015, when the ‘dislike button’ started to circle as a possibility, Facebook have spent months testing and researching the best options for additional reactions. During the testing period Facebook learned a great deal about how people reacted to posts and comments. Originally they had intended to add ‘yay’, but instead felt that, it would be more aptly including within the two emotions of ‘haha’ and ‘love’.

    When discussing the adding of a dislike button, Mark Zuckerburg himself remarked;

    ‘Over the years people have been asking for this… we have now come to understand... that people aren’t looking for an ability to down vote other people’s posts, what they really want is to be able to express empathy.’




    ‘Like’ it appears, simply wasn’t cutting it, for example, imagine all those instances when a friends loved one died, or they updated their status with a comment on the Syria crisis, I mean, you wouldn’t exactly ‘like’ that kinda status would you?


    How to Create an Effective Nurturing Campaign


    Last week’s blog concentrated on the whole lead nurturing process and how important it is for client retention. Now that we’ve established its need, how do you go about carrying out  that nurturing process?

    The best way to keep in touch with your clients is still email. Yes, a lot of emails don’t get read, and the average open-rate is approximately 20%, but e-mail is still the most cost-effective and easiest way to get in touch with people on your list.


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    Lead Generation Vs Lead Nurturing


    As a marketer or sales professional one of the main focuses of your time is nurturing and increasing the number of leads coming into your business. But there's a big difference between getting huge numbers of contacts into your database and finding good quality leads, that are ready and willing to buy from you.

    Knowing this difference can have enormous effects on your bottom line, because although you may be attracting large numbers of leads, your conversion rate will be low. Why? Because the majority of those contacts will be simply irrelevant or just not prepared to buy yet. These leads are to put it bluntly, 'time-wasters' and not worth your effort. Harsh we know, but true!


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    5 Quick Wins to Get your Marketing Kick Started This New Year

    Looking to find topics to write about each week for a blog in the world of marketing, can be extremely hard. You see, you want to give people really useful information, without boring them to tears with endless statistics.

    I have to admit; I read a lot of blogs, both on forums and in LinkedIn groups, on everything from retail selling to SEO and Social Media advances. Marketing can be a little overwhelming at times, with everyone telling you the correct way to do something, followed by the traditional ‘trip-wire’ of; ‘if you buy my book or course, I’ll get you a 1,000 leads in a year’. Most of this is absolute rubbish. (Well maybe they could get you a 1,000 leads, but whether or not they are relevant to you and your business and likely to purchase is another matter.)


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    So in this blog I have decided to put down 5 ‘quick wins’ that everyone can do to make their lives easier, bring in good leads and not cost a penny. Seriously!


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