'Black Friday' Is Looking "Rosy" for Online Businesses

    One of the many Americanism’s that Britain has adopted over the past few years has been the retail trend known as 'Black Friday'. Traditionally the day after thanksgiving, when many American’s took the day off work in order to have a 4 day weekend, it has now became synonymous with the most popular shopping day of the commercial year. Stores discount heavily to increase spending and achieve excessive revenues in doing so.

    So how does this affect us in the UK, and what trends can online retailers take away from it?

    In 2014 a survey showed that on Black Friday, 47% of consumers looked at advertising deals online in a search for the best bargains, with 35% buying then and there. This is big news for anyone who has a website or carries out digital marketing. As it shows this is a key time for them to be concentrating their efforts on getting their message and brand across.

    “Black Friday through to Christmas generates on average generates 50-100% more revenue than any other non-holiday shopping days throughout the year”. Forbes Magazine



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    Know the feeling? No? Then, allow me to explain what CRM is...

    Client Relationship Management

    CRM is a fantastic tool that wraps Sales, Marketing and Customer Support all up, in one big bow. It’s the lovely little place that holds and stores your, entire client and prospective client’s details, and in turn, saves you from those blasted scrap pieces of paper you keep losing!

    CRM can be utilised by your company to manage all interactions between you and your current clients and prospective clients. Meaning, you’ll have a single view of the ENTIRE process from Marketing to Sales and Sales to Customer Growth

    At the heart of any business a CRM will be able to present, plan and alert, day to day activities, targets and goals.








    Why All Businesses, Wherever You are, Need to be Utilising Digital Marketing

    Customer behaviour has changed considerably over the last 10 years. When we begin our purchasing journey we inevitably start our research online, and businesses who fail to recognise this trend are losing out.

    Think about it? Your phone is broken. You’re considering getting a new one. What do you do? You go online of course, Google the latest models, check the spec and then compare prices and deals. And it doesn’t just go for phones, it can be applied to almost any area of retail or the service sector; from plumbers in your area to a new coat; if we need something we Google it first. The buyer journey essentially, begins and ends on the internet, and the smarter companies are the ones who are facilitating the consumer’s journey before they ever reach their site.

    Remember how it used to be?

    Many companies, especially in rural areas, believe that this rule only applies to the bigger cities. But, it’s really not the case. I was born and raised in a small village in Lincolnshire, called Heckington. It’s famous for a windmill and an annual agricultural show. When I was growing up I thought it was the backend of beyond where nothing ever happened. Our school had one computer (an Archimedes) and we would fight over it to play James Pond. After a few years here and there, moving to Sheffield, then Bath, I am now living back in that very village, I thought I would never go back to. Why? Well because it has changed and so have I.

    Heckington is a small village in a county most people haven’t heard of, but even it has moved with the times. We now have fibre optic broadband. The windmill has its own website and brewery who regularly market online. The local school even has 50 computers. What’s more is that, in marketing terms, if you do a Google search for a Hairdresser in the nearby town of Sleaford, you will find 110 people on average searching for this information each month. 


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    Facebook Marketing through Videos

    This week Facebook made yet another big announcement regarding changes to its logarithm. I know right? They just can’t leave it alone! But, rather than something which, is going to make marketing that bit more strenuous they've decided to install a feature that will jazz up your profile.

    You will all probably have your Facebook picture profile set-up on your page, (you know, the one of yourself looking a bit worse for wear), but now did you know that you can upload an actual video instead? Whilst those of you, thinking about your personal profiles may think, ‘why on earth would I do this?’ those of you with business pages should think about it in a different way; a marketing way.

    I have been harping on for weeks now about the importance of video and mobile optimisation and here you can kill two birds with one stone. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco and 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. Video is the future and now you can add it to your Facebook Business Profile too.






    Video is not as complicated as it sounds, and you don’t have to be Ridley Scott to make one. Sometimes all you need is a Camera or even an iPhone (other phones are available...) then prepare yourself a script, sit in front of the camera and present your business to the world. People buy people, so seeing a face and hearing your voice really works. It also helps to retain attention which would otherwise be lost in a long text article. (Maybe I’ll vlog next week). A few tips to remember though whilst doing your presentation.


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