Keeping the Harmony Between your Sales and Marketing Teams


    In all offices there is the chance that departments can fall out and this can quite often happen between sales and marketing.

    A well organised business will utilise their marketing skills and campaigns to hand leads to sales that have been prioritised and “warmed up”. Unqualified leads being handed from Marketing to Sales can cause bad feelings and ultimately lead to your business missing out on valuable sales.




    Let’s take a look at 6 tips for maximising your lead generation to support your marketing team with handing over well prepared and interested leads to the sales team: 

    Create a communication schedule

    There has been proven success between how long a lead has been a subscriber and their click through rate from your marketing. You should be aiming to make contact within 24 hours of a lead downloading content or subscribing to your website. They should then fall into your current nurturing cycle.


    How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

    Email-marketing is one of those things that you either love or loathe. Waking up in the morning to find your inbox full of mail is never a joy; but despite this, every marketing consultant out there will tell you it still works!


    The key to good email marketing is not to throw thousands of emails out a day at people who’ve never heard of you because they will probably just bin your carefully thought out message without a blink of an eye. Instead use it as a means of communicating effectively with your current lead database.


     Why your Business Deserves an Awesome Website

    In 2015 e-commerce sales in the UK, are set to reach an incredible £52 billion. This equates to 15.2% of all retail sales in the UK; making us the most frequent online shoppers in Europe. According to an article in the Daily Mail 82% of British internet users regularly shop online and around 70% of consumers own a Smartphone

    The trend for increasing online sales and declining offline sales was also reflected in the Christmas trading results of 2014. When even in a time of economic downturn, the major retailers, such as House of Fraser were accruing profits increases of 31.2% from the previous year. These statistics show that people are still willing to spend their money and are most likely to do so online.

    Bearing this in mind, as a business you should be asking the question; ‘how awesome is my website?’ and what’s more; ‘is it getting the sales I need?’



    In this week’s blog we have compiled a few reasons why we believe having an awesome website is essential to your business; and here they are!


    Why Becoming an Apprentice is better than Uni!

    (Experience, you get paid, and no debt – no brainer)

    Are you looking for a career in digital marketing and social media? Don’t have the patience or money to go to college? Then an apprenticeship could be perfect for you...

    The Skillwise apprenticeship scheme offers training in social media, marketing and business admin all rolled into one! What’s more, it’s really innovative and dynamic in its outlook.

    For a length of 14 months you could be looking at a salary of £15,000 - £25,000 with NO STUDENT DEBT.

    While many larger companies may require degrees to apply for a position, this is not always the case for small to medium sized businesses, who much prefer practical experience.

    Residential Training in an ‘Apprentice-Style Abode’

    What’s also cool is; you even get to do some residential training! (Think of ‘the apprentice’ on TV and their awesome houses). During this time you’ll spend two 2 weeks-sessions at the National Skillwise Academies.

    These amazing venues are located across the country from Cardiff to Bath, Wilderhope and Stratford. It’s a great way to travel and explore new places to learn, whilst at the same time meeting new friends.

    The academies are all part and parcel of the scheme so won’t cost you a penny and from them you’ll get the basis of what you need to start work with confidence.



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