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Breaking News!!

This month there has been some pretty big news at Facebook HQ! They have recently announced the acquisition of a shopping search engine called “TheFind”
So why buy such a company? Well, Facebook claims that it intends to utilise it to make its own ads better and lead to better personalisation of product ads, creating a more inviting environment for people, businesses and websites to sell their products.
Social Media
So what does “TheFind” offer? Well it is still very much in the development stage, but it will look at allowing users to get personalised recommendations whilst they search combined with Facebook’s current product ad capabilities. Last month Facebook announced new product ads designed to help businesses promote multiple products across multiple devices. When this then combines with “TheFind” and its features and technology, these ads could become increasingly more effective. 

I never thought I would be creating a Pinterest for my Business - But I finally discovered the Secret! Here's how...

Pinning Power – Pinterest for Business

As the social media revolution continues, yet more and more platforms start to appear. Whilst you may all have heard of Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is one of the less obvious choices for your time, especially when it comes to business. I, like many always thought of Pinterest as more of a big shopping list where I could pin clothes I liked but couldn’t afford, and to be fair 90% of Pinterest users are women like myself. 
But Pinterest is changing; and like most e-companies they want to make money. With the success of Google and Facebook advertising Pinterest has decided to re-brand itself as a platform for business, promoting your products online. 

What is Pinterest?

So firstly you may be asking; what is Pinterest? 

Well Pinterest is a platform that allows users to share and save content to virtual collections called boards. It launched in 2012 and already has built up 70 million+ users (not bad for 3 years). Pinterest is known as being a hub for DIY, craft projects, recipes, fashion, home decor, health and fitness and many more topics. 


Helping to Promote Lincolnshire and Develop Careers 

Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 9-13th March 

This week is National Apprenticeship Week and as a company who actively promote apprenticeships throughout Lincolnshire, we would like to share our story of how great a success it can be.
Since our establishment in 2006 we have taken on a number of successful candidates including one of our current leading web developers, who started out as an apprentice in ICT systems and principles and after completing his apprenticeship agreed to stay on full-time and help grow our business. Providing us with key skills and he has been a huge benefit to our company.  
And statistically we are not alone! In 2012 96% of employers reported they also benefited as a result of taking on an apprentice? 

They say a picture says a thousand words... so what does video say?

Small Business and Video could you be missing out on lucrative marketing...

This week Develop and Promote got very excited about their new video software and I in particular found making them a fabulous experience.
As a marketer it is sometimes difficult to make a topic exciting, especially if it is all dry text. Video is the future and you will be noticing more and more websites using it on their homepages as a means of introduction or providing feedback through testimonials. +
The issue is, people have to take time to read, and their time is precious. This is where a video makes life so much simpler, it’s just there, ready for you to digest. This makes you are more inclined to take in the information in its interactive, fun and an easy way.
With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information needs, small businesses that fail to include it in their marketing do so at their own peril. 





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