24 Ridiculous Facts that'll make you think again about Social Media


    24 ‘Ridiculous’ Facts that will make you think again about Social Media

    Social media is one of those areas that a lot of businesses forgo in pursuit of other marketing efforts. They either don’t see the relevance or think it’s more of a personal platform for those wishing to speak to their friends. Social media however, is big business. Yes, it can be conversational in nature and tone, but so can marketing. Time and time again we have talked about the importance of relationship selling and nurturing, and what better way to take advantage of this, than by connecting to your potential customers through the medium of Social Media.

    If you already comprehend the power of social media, it may be that you just don’t have the time to implement it into your marketing strategy, and that’s understandable. First you need to know which channels are suitable for your market, then you have to spend time thinking through tweets and posts that are interesting and engaging. It is a bit of a mission.

    At Develop and Promote we have experts in social media who do this kind of work, day in, day out and can work within a budget. With the launch of our new service, ‘My Marketing Assistant’ you can pay for an expert to help you out with any marketing task on an hourly rate; only paying for what you get. So, if it’s time, knowledge or apathy that’s been putting you off from getting connected then here are some stats we have collated to convince you that it should be an integral part of your business.


    7 Facebook Statistics and Facts

    1. 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily.
    2. Facebook accounts for 21% of all social media referral traffic to websites.
    3. 81% of B2B marketers use Facebook to distribute content.
    4. 55% of SMEs maintain a Facebook Page, yet just 20% have run a Facebook ad
    5. 77% of B2Cs have obtained customers through Facebook.
    6. In 2015 10 billion messages and 4.5 billion likes were sent daily.
    7. In the United Kingdom, average click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook advertising increased by better than 100% last year, from .09% to .27%.

    6 Twitter Facts and Stats

    1. 85% of B2B marketers use Twitter to distribute content.
    2. 53% of business in the info and communication sector reported the highest rate of blogs and micro blogs usage
    3. 50% of B2B marketers view twitter as an effective media channel.
    4. Twitter offers more referral traffic per share than Facebook. According to Social Media Today
    5. Twitter drives just over 1% of all website traffic.
    6. 75% of journalists say they use Twitter to build their personal brands.

    8 LinkedIn Statistics and Facts

    1. 65% B2B companies acquired a customer through LinkedIn.
    2. 40% of B2B buyers say LinkedIn is important when researching technologies and services to purchase.
    3. 91% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn.
    4. 98% of sales reps with 5000+ LinkedIn connections achieve quota.
    5. You are almost 5X more likely to schedule a first meeting if you have a personal LinkedIn connection.
    6. 64% of social media driven visits to websites comes from LinkedIn compared with 21% from 15% from other channels.
    7. The three most popular types of content on LinkedIn are industry insights (favoured by 60% of users), followed by company news (53% – likely popular with job seekers) and new products/services (43%).
    8. To optimise reach, post at least 20 times per month on LinkedIn. However research shows that posting 3-4 times a day increases your visibility and success rate.

    3 Pinterest Facts and Stats

    1. 69% of all Pinterest users are women between 18-35.
    2. 25% of all retail website referral traffic comes from Pinterest .
    3. Pinterest drives nearly 6% of all website traffic–5X as much as Twitter (bear in mind this is for B2C rather than B2B)

    If we haven’t convinced you now about getting social media into your marketing mix then I guess we never will, but the facts and figures speak for themselves. This is a changing market place, and as a wise man once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Henry Ford.

    To talk about how we can help you with your social media today, then why not arrange an appointment for one of our friendly marketing team to come out and meet you. We want to understand you and your business needs. To do so call 01522 822520.

    Until Next Time

    Kelly The Markerteer xx


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