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5 Quick Wins to Get your Marketing Kick Started This New Year

Looking to find topics to write about each week for a blog in the world of marketing, can be extremely hard. You see, you want to give people really useful information, without boring them to tears with endless statistics.

I have to admit; I read a lot of blogs, both on forums and in LinkedIn groups, on everything from retail selling to SEO and Social Media advances. Marketing can be a little overwhelming at times, with everyone telling you the correct way to do something, followed by the traditional ‘trip-wire’ of; ‘if you buy my book or course, I’ll get you a 1,000 leads in a year’. Most of this is absolute rubbish. (Well maybe they could get you a 1,000 leads, but whether or not they are relevant to you and your business and likely to purchase is another matter.)


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So in this blog I have decided to put down 5 ‘quick wins’ that everyone can do to make their lives easier, bring in good leads and not cost a penny. Seriously!



#FirstTip ‘Talk to your Customers’

This does sound quite obvious but, a recent survey showed that 80% of retailers failed to respond to customer’s questions on social media. That is a staggering amount I think you’d agree? Twitter as a platform, has made personal contact so much more real for businesses, and people expect a response in a short space of time if they have an issue or problem. I know I do! Plus think of all the negative press you get from one bad tweet. If you respond with an apology or a ‘we’ll sort it ASAP’ it will do wonders for your PR, it’ll show you care!

The other great thing with social media is its ‘social’. You can chat, compliment or thank people – it gives your brand a real personality and makes you look like amiable people to work with.

#SecondTip ‘Write a Thank you Note to a New Customer’

OK, so this may not work with every business, it all depends on the amount of customers you have. If you’re a small business and have just had a large order, then why not sit down a write a handwritten thank you message. If you’re a big business then why not do the same, but to your biggest customer. You have to think of the 80/20 rule here. 80% of your revenue comes from the top 20% of your customers, so making them happy and feeling wanted goes a long way.

#ThirdTip ‘Personalise Your Emails’

Email marketing can be very hit and miss, but a few tweaks here and there could mean the difference between someone opening and taking action and someone opening and deleting. Try to add your customer’s name into emails, their company, why not even do some homework on their business? Then go ahead and personalise the email to make it more memorable. Everybody likes feeling special.


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#FourthTip ‘Add a Call-To-Action’

It’s sounds a bit patronising I know, but people really do need telling what they should do next. Adding a Call-To-Action onto a landing page, website or email is essential. These can be anything from links, to phone numbers or filling in a form, just make it clear what you want the customer to do next, i.e. CLICK HERE, GRAB ME, CALL ME, DOWNLOAD ME...You get the gist.

#FifthTip ‘Share Success’

Celebrating and promoting wins is the easiest and fastest way to boost morale within your business and it creates a fabulous company culture. This is about keeping you employees happy and supported, and a happy workforce as they say, is a productive workforce. So, why not take the time to congratulate team members who deserve it, maybe think about creating employee of the month? Or even a quick email saying thank you for their hard work. It all helps to keep your staff on track.

In conclusion then, next time you see a headline or a blog, telling you how you can grow you business by 1000% in one month, don’t forget that there are a lot of ‘5 minute quick wins’ out there too, these can help keep your business ticking over smoothly with less effort and a few time-outs from your routine here and there.

Speak Soon


The Marketeer x


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