"Failure to train means failure to progress"


    Over the last few months Develop and Promote have been big proponents of training and development within companies, so much so that in 2016 we introduced our program, “Everything Business”. But why have we done this, and why is it so important for you as a SME in the East Midlands and beyond to invest your time and resources into educating your employees?


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    Training presents a bit of a dilemma when it comes to putting money aside, it’s expensive for the most part. Not only when paying a company for their expertise, but to take your employees away from their day-to-day activities. Yet despite the potential drawbacks - training and development provides both the company as a whole and individual employees with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.



    A complete training program will not only address weaknesses in skills your employees may have but it also allows them to strengthen the skills that they need to improve. It may be a marketing task, knowledge of sales, basic accounts or personal development, but whatever training your employees need to attain a higher level of competency; providing the necessary training creates an overall knowledge base within staff that enables employees to take over for one another when needed, or work independently without constant help and supervision from others.

    With better training comes consistency and improved employee performance. You will be amazed at how better people perform when they have the knowledge and confidence to take over tasks they previously thought themselves incapable of. The investment in training that a company makes, shows the employees they are valued and supported.

    As well as employee satisfaction this also leads on to further important savings for you as a business.

    • Employees who feel unsupported are generally unhappy and unsatisfied in their work, this will lead them to underperform, make mistakes, and importantly - not care about their work. That costs the business in lost time and money.
    • Untrained Workers Are Inefficient. They spend more time completing simple tasks and often have to redo them if mistakes are made.
    • When an untrained worker makes a mistake, the time and materials used are lost. The work then has to be done again. Nightmare!
    • Of course the worst case scenario is that those mistakes made, get passed on to customer and this could lead you to lose valuable clients.


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    So how do you remedy these issues?

    1. By investing in training new employees and up skilling existing staff you can get your business up to speed with new technology and change.
    2. It is important for a company to break down the training and development needs to target the right individuals. Everyone is different, and if one employee is brilliant at making sales, another may not be. Choosing a training company therefore, which gives you a range of courses and the ability to send the right people to the right event is essential.
    3. A company that invests in training and development generally tends to have satisfied employees. However, the exercise has to be relevant to the employees and they need to be confident that they are taking away information and knowledge that they personally can use and implement. 
    4. Employees who have attended the right trainings generally need lesser supervision and guidance, they develop necessary skill-sets to enable them to address tasks independently, allowing you as supervisors and managers to focus on more pressing areas.

    For a full list of upcoming courses at Develop and Promote be sure to check out our Calendar Page or alternatively call us on 01522 822520 now for a FREE consultation and prospectus.

    We do appreciate you may not want the whole program so, courses are priced individually, allowing you to pick what you need, when you need it - and on your terms. What more could you want?

    Until next time.
    Kelly the Marketeer x


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