How to Create an Effective Nurturing Campaign


    Last week’s blog concentrated on the whole lead nurturing process and how important it is for client retention. Now that we’ve established its need, how do you go about carrying out  that nurturing process?

    The best way to keep in touch with your clients is still email. Yes, a lot of emails don’t get read, and the average open-rate is approximately 20%, but e-mail is still the most cost-effective and easiest way to get in touch with people on your list.


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    So how to begin running a successful engagement campaign?

    Firstly, understanding your audience and who you are trying to reach is key. As all marketers will tell you, your market is the primary focus of any activity and should be approached and dealt with before anything else. Creating avatars takes time, but the great thing about your current clients, is that you will already have a great deal of knowledge about them. For instance; what they’ve bought from you, what their industry sector is, and what their pain/issues are. Remember to keep these details in mind at all times when creating the messages that go into your campaign and you won’t go far wrong.

    If you have a number of clients with different buyer personas you may have to create different campaigns to be effective in your nurturing process, but the effort is worth it.


    Creating relevant content

    2015 saw companies producing more and more content than in previous years due to Google's emphasis on content marketing, but creating content isn’t enough. You must create 'relevant' content to be super effective. Bear in the mind the following points when creating your plan or copy.

    1. What is your buyer’s journey?
    2. Use a conversational tone.
    3. Keep it simple with paragraphs, bullet points and sub-headings.
    4. Make sure there is a personable element to your content.


    Establish clear goals

    Before you begin any lead nurturing campaign it’s important that you first establish clear goals for what you would like to achieve. By doing this you will be able to set KPIs and know if your campaign has been a success. Simple goals can be open-rates, click-through to internal links and landing pages, or follow-up calls.

    In a recent campaign we did, leading up to Christmas, this is exactly what we measured. By offering out a selection of 12 lead-baits all on different products and services we offer, we could research and assess our customer’s needs based on open-rates and forms filled in. It gave us a great insight into what was trending in marketing at that time. 

    That leads us neatly, into testing and measuring. Here at Develop and Promote we love A/B split testing, and we use every touch point as an opportunity to do so. You can test email headlines, lead-baits, landing pages and so much more, to see which has the maximum effect. You won’t always get it right first time, which is why testing and refining is a must-do activity. 

    Effective lead nurturing can have a lasting and profound effect on your company’s success but it requires effort, dedication and a strategic marketing approach which, is both considered and well thought out. While the effort is considerable you will find the reward is worth it.

    Until Next Time

    Kelly The Marketeer x



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