I just wanted to say a quick thing to you about some marketing that came across when I was clearing out over the weekend. Whilst doing this I found a few things in my folder and my bag and thought I’d sort them out so I can get them organised for the following week. I came across, and I’m sorry if this is you and you know me personally there is no intention to embarrass anyone I just want to make sure you don’t make the same mistake as this so always check your marketing, this bookmark its quite nicely done and its colourful so it caught my attention.

    I thought it was very good, it’s about some designing and printing and it has a percentage off which sounds a little bit appealing but a ten percent doesn’t excite me too much but it has got some nice bright colours. Now on the back there is absolutely nothing, and I also appreciate the fact that maybe I got it when I was out somewhere and someone gave it to me with some other things and I’m not trying to criticise anything or anybody. If you take a look at it closely, you’ll see it says about doing some printing and design work for with this percentage off and I thought I needed some leaflets and posters I will give them a call. Can you see an issue on this? There is nowhere to get in touch with them.

    There is no email, web address or phone number. There’s nothing. And the back is completely wasted as well. So, there is a few lessons to be learnt here, and one again I’m not trying to embarrass the person that has done this and if this is you please get in touch with me because I would like to have a chat with you, but the key part is don’t forget to look at your marketing material. And do expect people, like me, to have a sort out a few weeks later and I was maybe attached to something but it’s not now and it doesn’t really help me and you have to plan ahead in case this kind of thing does happen. Your marketing needs to be effective and this could have been a potential sale and hopefully will be for somebody.

    And if this is you put your hand up and say “yes it was me Darren” and send me an email or a message. But look at your marketing and the possibilities of it getting detached from something, also always use both sides because there is very little extra cost in terms of printing and most printers do say there isn’t a much higher price for both sides rather than just one and you can get much more information about you and your company on there. And just look about the key thing is how are people going to contact you. Please learn from this little mistake. And let me know of any other faux pars on your travels.



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