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'Black Friday' Is Looking "Rosy" for Online Businesses

One of the many Americanism’s that Britain has adopted over the past few years has been the retail trend known as 'Black Friday'. Traditionally the day after thanksgiving, when many American’s took the day off work in order to have a 4 day weekend, it has now became synonymous with the most popular shopping day of the commercial year. Stores discount heavily to increase spending and achieve excessive revenues in doing so.

So how does this affect us in the UK, and what trends can online retailers take away from it?

In 2014 a survey showed that on Black Friday, 47% of consumers looked at advertising deals online in a search for the best bargains, with 35% buying then and there. This is big news for anyone who has a website or carries out digital marketing. As it shows this is a key time for them to be concentrating their efforts on getting their message and brand across.

“Black Friday through to Christmas generates on average generates 50-100% more revenue than any other non-holiday shopping days throughout the year”. Forbes Magazine



black friday



Black Friday within the UK

'Black Friday' has always been a big deal in the USA, recently however, its effects on the UK market have become increasingly more pronounced.

It’s clear that November 27th to 30th are crucial to any retailer looking to close the year with strong numbers. Bearing this in mind there are a number of strategies to help you maximise sales efficiency during this time:

  1. Optimising your mobile buying experience.
  2. Building brand loyalty.
  3. Personalising your customer experience.
  4. Changing your Google Adwords bidding strategy if you use it.
  5. Lastly, don’t get stuck in the idea that you must concentrate all your efforts on this vital period. Rather than relying solely on the holiday season it’s also important to think ahead to drive sales throughout the rest of the year, when periods such as February and March when things tend to dry up.


What has Black Friday 2015 taught us?

If you were anything like me you will have checked up on how 'Black Friday' was doing throughout the day. As a marketer I was interested in what people were doing, how they were buying, what they were buying and whether or not, revenue was up.

Personally, I too was checking out if there were any bargains to be had. Like many people, I spent my lunch hour searching my emails for special offers on clothes and electrical items. I have to admit, I probably spent more than I should have, but even as a marketer who knew the tricks, sometimes you simply can’t resist a good deal. In the end I spent a good deal, on clothing, books and gifts for Christmas; essentially I got my Christmas shopping done in an hour. And what’s more I wasn’t alone in my method. In years gone by, I would have traipsed through Lincoln, pushing past people on the narrow streets and cramming myself into stores with long queues. But who actually wants to do this? Especially when a lot of the time, you get to the store you want and find they’ve sold out of the very thing you want. It’s arduous, frustrating and leaves you burnt out.

It was not surprisingly then, that when I watched the news, I saw that many other people had also taken my approach to shopping this year. Interestingly enough high streets were somewhat dead! So what happened?


We went online that’s what!


online shop


Retail giant Amazon, recorded that figures this year has broken all records. On Friday the 27the November 2015, six million items were ordered online - beating last year’s sales figures of 5.5 million (a rate of 64 items bought per second).

And it’s not just Amazon who benefited from this phenomenon - UK online retailer also reported huge sales, with more than half a million users visiting their site by 9am, having opened at midnight.

Clearly the 9-5 shopping tradition has been blown out of the water. Shoppers are not only buying online, but, at very different times. And that’s the beauty of online shopping, you can sit there at 2am and purchase with a 1-click system using your PayPal account. Shopping has just got easier not only for the consumer but for the retailer too. With an online shop you don’t get the overheads of a store or staff, and you’re not restricted by time. Not only this, but due to the ease of purchase, people are much more likely to impulse buy!

This unprecedented online revolution caught many big name brands by surprise. Both the John Lewis and Argos websites experienced difficulties throughout the day, struggling to cope with demand. It was reported that Argos for instance, had queues of up to 10 minutes.


There are two points to take away here.

  1. Make sure your website has the capacity for that amount of traffic.
  2. Dissatisfied customers will tweet their unhappiness if things go wrong. Therefore you need a well built website and a social media strategy to cope with any issues.

Experian-IMRG has predicted Black Friday Online spending would hit a record £1.07billion this year, producing a 32% increase on last year. When you then take into account that many stores are continuing sales to Monday – “so-called Cyber Monday” you’re looking at a predicted spend of £3.2bn.


The "12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Courtesy of DAP"

Now, Develop and Promote are not a retailer in the traditional sense. We sell services not products, but that does not mean that we can’t giveaway a few bargains and good deals, and it’s the same with any of you out there in the service industry. In the run-up to Christmas we are having our own campaign of deals and what’s more they’re free. For 12 days from 1st December to 12th we will be running a marketing campaign called the “12 Days of DAP” – during this festive time, simply by signing up for free on our page, you will receive a free gift on us everyday – no catches!


12 days1


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Until Next Time


The Marketeer x


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