• Password Protection and What You Need to Know About It

      Password Protection and What You Need to Know About It


      Password security is a must for everyone, whether you’re a big business or a small business, or an individual. We hear it being said so often that our first reaction is to just say “duh, I know”. The reason we are taking the time to talk to you about password security is because not enough people take password security seriously. 



      We talked to a few of our clients recently about cybersecurity and the need for having strong and secure passwords. We were shocked when we visited their offices. Shocked by the number of post-its stuck-on computer monitors and walls with passwords on them. Not just post-its, even banking details such as ids and passwords just scribbled on pieces of paper for everyone to come have a look at. This defeats the whole purpose of having a strong password!



      What’s more is that many people don’t even know what constitutes a strong password. There is lots of information on the internet regarding a good vs bad password. Creating a strong password is just one effective method of password security. We would like to believe that storing a strong password is an important and often forgotten part of password security. 


      Most people want to believe that once they’re created a nice and strong password, they can now use the same one for each and every account. Recycling passwords is very strong security no-go! 


      We haven’t gotten a fool-proof method yet, but what we have is a good place to start. Join us on April 13th, 2022, at 3pm for a webinar conducted by Darren himself. He will walk you through not just password security but also various aspects of cybersecurity. 


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