How do you add someone on LinkedIn you don't know

    • How to Create Linkedin Connections and Boost Engagement - The ONLY Way

      How to Create Linkedin Connections and Boost Engagement - The ONLY Way

      When it comes to looking for clients or networking, everyone chants ‘LinkedIn’! Home to over 750 million users and 200 countries, today LinkedIn is one of the biggest platforms to network with legitimate professionals across the globe.

      As per a Forbes article released earlier this month, LinkedIn is expanding with active users and in 2022, it will continue to be a leading platform for networking and marketing. In fact, it has been releasing many new features for a better user experience that help us reach our target audience.

      how to connect on linkedin without knowing the person

      However, despite its tremendous reach, proven merits and quarterly growth, I continue to see many of my students and clients shying away from creating LinkedIn connections. I was flabbergasted to know that many users simply hit the connect button without really connecting!

      I wonder, without a real engagement, are LinkedIn connections even effective to exposure and one’s career growth as proven otherwise?

      The primary objective of this powerful platform is to network and make real connections and not merely increase numbers on one’s profile. That said, while reaching out is the first step to network, it’s certainly not enough. As a professional marketing specialist, I come across endless messages in my inbox and the majority of them are impersonal, sales-y and monotonous. To feature a few real examples,

      Directly starts with ‘Is improving campaign engagement on your mind?’ Not from a stranger, absolutely not!

      ‘[…] I thought you might be interested in our PG Program in Data Science Engineering (with dedicated placement assistance).’ This message is not even close to my professional background.

      As a professional seeking to make genuine connections on LinkedIn, one may skim through the messages and wonder, ‘I don’t know you and your message tells me that you haven’t done your research either. I don’t see any point in us connecting.’ And…ignored.

      In both these messages I have shared above, there is no sign of personalisation! This is the common mistake that many LinkedIn users make, i.e. copying and pasting the same message to hundreds of strangers in hopes of finding leads. However, it’s not the right approach.

      So, how to connect with someone on LinkedIn?

      Step 1: Search for the job title that you want to connect with and add the necessary filters to your search.

      Step 2: Browse through the profiles you’re interested in, explore their websites and social media. This step is crucial to learn about the individual and analyse how they’d make a good connection for your business growth.

      How do I get connections on LinkedIn

      Step 3: While you’re on their profile, website or social media, find something that stands out to you. Something that you perhaps want to compliment or even something that highlights how you can genuinely help them.

      Step 4: Go back to their LinkedIn Profile and create a meaningful, personal message using your research. Keep it friendly and convey a genuine interest in connecting.

      Now, is your message engaging? Check! Is it personalised? Check! Always acknowledge your cold leads as a human and not merely another profile on LinkedIn. We hope this strategy earns you a healthy network and possibly clients!

      However, remember that messaging is only a part of your LinkedIn connection building. There is more to the concept. Networking is a two-way street, thus every person you reach out to will primarily check your own LinkedIn profile to decide whether they want to connect with you or not.

      how to connect on linkedin

      Therefore, it's necessary to keep your LinkedIn profile professional and well updated to attract leads and connections. You can learn how to create a professional LinkedIn profile and more about building connections on our course ‘Lead Generation with LinkedIn for your Business’. This is a well-researched course that will walk you through all aspects of LinkedIn, from creating your profile to building 500+ connections to getting recommendations – ALL in the mere span of 30 days!
      If you can't make time to manage your LinkedIn, Develop and Promote is always here to make your life convenient! Our marketing team can update and manage your LinkedIn profile for you and create meaningful business connections on your behalf.

      To know more about personalisation, you can also watch our YouTube video - HOW TO BUILD STRONG RELATIONSHIPS WITH CUSTOMERS FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS?

      We specialize in Marketing and Web Design and have been helping many small and medium-sized businesses for over 15 years. Our enthusiastic team is always up to new projects and we would love to help you in any way or form we can. After all, that’s our work, we’re here to help.

      For any queries, please call our office on 01522 822520 and our team would be happy to discuss your needs. You can also drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      I hope this post was helpful. How do you interact with prospects on LinkedIn? Share with us in the comments!

      Happy Holidays!

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