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Improve Business Processes,

  • Customer Relationship Management

    With more and more demands on our time to get new customers, we often forget our current customers. Customer Relationship Management is at the heart of any small/medium business. If you put all your effort into getting new customers and lose the current ones the net effect will be very low and very hard work.

    In 2014 we achieved a 100% retention of our customers!

    You should be able to keep your current customers with some careful thought about how to build on your relationship that you started with them when you first sold them a product or service. In a world where comparisons are easy and loyalty needs to be worked on you have to put in the extra effort.



    CRM services and products



    It might sound hard but with some simple steps and processes in your business you can achieve this. Usually a system called a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is needed to handle all this data. Unfortunately most business go out and buy a system and don't put any effort into the process that the system runs.

    Using a CRM can have the following benefits:-

    • Reduce costs for new customer acquisition and sales
    • Improve business processes
    • Competitive advantage
    • Increasing customer loyalty and retention

    Having used a CRM since 2008 in our business we can share with you how to take advantage of one in your business quickly. Have a look at the simple model in the video below to see how, with the right team behind you, it will accelerate your growth.

    Book a 19 minute discovery call with Darren to find out if this will benefit your business on 01522 822520.

    Our CRM solutions allow you to gain an advantage in your market by using advanced customer relationship management process. Once in place they are automated, but appear personalised to warm up a prospect to the point that they are ready to talk with you. We help you plan and implement a seamless solution including migrating your current data and ongoing support.

    Ongoing support helps you to create custom fields to report on your data more effectively and build new customer gathering funnels. This procedure helps you to align your marketing, sales and service delivery into real added value for your business with an aim of helping you achieve a 100% customer retention to grow a business.

    Book a 19 minute discovery call with Darren to find out if this will benefit your business on 01522 822520.

  • The 10 Most Powerful Back-Link Builders

    If you are anything like me, you may spend lots of time reading blogs, trying your best to pick the best and most dynamic information on SEO techniques from the myriad of information that is the Web, you’ll know how difficult it can be to get the right data. Everyone has their own ideas on what the best approach is and how much time to spend on content and other techniques such as link-building.





    Here as part of the weekly blog I have devised a list of what works best in link-building (in my opinion), collated from numerous articles and blog posts I have researched. On saying that it is not the bible of link-building but hopefully will provide you with a basis, to start the process of link-building and give you a plan which, you can implement yourself.

    So Why Link-Build?  Well, any good SEO company will tell you that 90% of your time should be based on content building, yet despite this the 10% you spend toward link-building is still important and should not be overlooked.


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