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    • AI, Small Businesses and Google Ads

      AI, Small Businesses and Google Ads


      Have you ever wondered how Google auto-completes your sentences when you type a couple of words into the search engine? Or how Netflix and Amazon can make accurate movie suggestions to you? Or how Siri or Cortona have all the answers you’re looking for? Well, all of this and so much more is possible because of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


      As a small or medium sized business owner, we always worry about budgets and deliverables. For the longest time, people in the small business industry have been cautious to invest in AI because they think it costs an arm and a leg, and it is only meant for technology giants like Facebook or Google. But the truth is, that in the last couple of years, AI has become much cheaper and more readily available. 

      In fact, one of the biggest technology giants in the world is on the side of small businesses. Google has leveraged this technology to give small and medium sized business an ads platform. 

      Google Ads 

      Google has been honing its Machine Learning (ML) tools for some time now. And if you are wondering if you should spend money on Google Ads, then we are here to help you with that. 

      First off, what is Google Ads? Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows you create ads that will reach your target demographic. Your target demographic is anyone who is aware of your brand. Google Ads works on pay-per-click technology. That is to say that you pay every time someone click on your ads. 

      The world of technology is a rapidly growing one. People will always tell you to invest in this and invest in that. It can be very confusing if you are trying to decide where to put your money. And as a small business ourselves, we completely understand that. So we have curated for you, a list of reasons, why we think that Google Ads is your safest bet.

      Google is a Verb

      It is true! Long gone are the days when Google was just a search engine. Google is a verb. It has even been included in the official Meriam Webster Dictionary. 

      Don’t believer us? Just Google it! 

      Google has an enormous reach. You’ll be hard pressed to find people who do not know or understand what Google is. With Chrome, Google is an inbuilt search engine for most android smartphones in the market today. Google handles a whopping 5 billion searches per day!

      People always run to Google for solutions. Even we do, because who knows better than Google? With targeted advertising on Google, when someone looks for a solution to their problem, they are likely to choose you over a competitor because you used Google Ads.

      Google Ads > SEO 

      Search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads are both search engine traffic strategies to generate more traffic. But the fact is that Google Ads work faster than SEO. 

      We are not saying that you should ignore SEO, but we are merely saying that while SEO is a long-term process, Google Ads are more fast paced. They are also more transparent; you know exactly what is happening with your ads.

      Ads give you instant visibility at a cost, whereas if done with the right content, then SEO can give you success in the longer run.

      Build Better Brand Awareness

      While Google Ads is an excellent platform to boost traffic, clicks, and conversion, it is also extremely effective in telling people who you are. It promotes an independent identity for what your brand stands for. 

      You may be wondering how this is different from SEO. Well, when it comes to SEO, the rank of your webpage and your brand completely depends on the number of searches for your brand or its variations. With Google Ads, you can increase your brand awareness through search as well as display ads. 

      If you’d like to learn more about the differences between Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads, we will be happy to assist you. Just give us a call at  01522 822520 and we will walk you through it. 

      Ad Campaigns

      Google can create five types of Ads Campaigns for you.

      • Search Network Campaign:This type of campaign enables your ads to appear not just on Google Search or Maps, or YouTube but hundreds of other search partners.
      • Display Network Campaign:This includes getting visual ads in front of people using products In the Google Display Network.
      • Shopping Campaign:This uses your web store’s data to determine the how and where of your ad should be displayed.
      • Video Campaign:This campaign uses a video to display your brand on YouTube and other places on the Google Display Network.
      • App Campaign:Through an App campaign, your ad will be displayed on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, AdMob, the Google Display Network, Google Discover, Google's search partners and many other publishers that display app ads.

      Wondering where AI fits into all of it?

      One of the most popular ways in which Google are getting everyone immersed in ad creation is by using AI to optimize ads. This system is called Responsive Search Ads (RSAs).

      The way they work is that you create up to 15 headlines and four descriptions which can work in any combination. Then, Google Ads AI tests different combinations and works out what performs the best.

      RSAs are a great way of making your campaigns flexible. How? Well you leave all the hard work for AI. Gone are the days when you need to sit in long, and needless meetings to decide which ads do the best for you. All you need to do is let AI take over this tedious task, and sit back and enjoy the results.

      Another great example of AI is bidding. Suppose you have created an Ad using Google Ads, and you’ve allocated a certain amount of money to this ad.A bid represents the amount of money you are willing to spend for a single click on a given keyword in Google Ads. Those bids will dictate where your ads show up in search results.

      Google Ads automated bidding

      As we have said time and again, AI is not here to take over our jobs and make humans redundant. AI simply bridges the gap between man and machine by doing the repetitive tasks for us, that in turn free up time to focus on what is important. 

      Still not sure of whether this is the right way to go for you and your business? Write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we’ll help you get started. 

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    • How To NOT Lose a Lead? Get an AI Chatbot with a 3D Avatar!

      So yesterday I had placed an order to get some groceries delivered, made the payment and was looking forward to the delivery this morning. But guess what? Later that night I recalled, I had errands to run in the morning! Therefore, no one was home to collect the delivery! I was stressed since I had already paid, maybe I’ll need to cancel the order? I went to the application’s support page which led me to a chatterbot. As led by the AI Chatbot, I typed in some keywords, and… that’s it! In less than a minute, I was able to reschedule the delivery using their chatterbot!

      I was thankful for the AI Chatbot and could go out without having to rush back to collect the grocery on time.

      Just like this, reach out to any customer care, you’ll always find yourself interacting with an AI Chatbot on their website as the first thing. And they’re programmed so well, we often never even realise that we’re talking to a bot! In fact, the majority of the time, we don’t interact with a human agent at all, throughout the case because the AI Chatbot on the websites are well equipped to solve our issues within a moment.

      Is that why literally every big business is already using AI Chat Automation? Uber, PayPal and Amazon are just a few big names. As per Acquire, 1.4 Billion peopleacross the globe are using AI Chatbot on their website. Not just big businesses but all businesses, in all shapes and sizes! Because well, as customers we all expect instant response and therefore businesses have no other option but to step up their game! Did you know, Business Insider has stated that 40% of people prefer AI Chatbots for resolution instead of virtual agents!

      My question to you is, the world is already embracing and enjoying the great benefits of installing an AI Chatbot on one’s website, so… why aren’t you?

      Well, for a quick introduction, AI Chatbots are your virtual assistant!This virtual assistant is programmed to chat with customers via Text or Text-to-Speech automation.


      There are various advantages behind the tremendous popularity of Chatbot Software! Some of the merits are as follows:

      1.Customer Satisfaction: Plenty of customers wait for an answer to a basic query, and the majority of the time they never get that answer. So many businesses lose these customers because of mere negligence. Luckily, we have got chatbot software that engages with unlimited customers simultaneously, from start to finish. Add a little personality to your AI Chatbot dialogue programming and you get a fun conversationalartificial intelligence with a sense of humour but moreover, you bag more leads and sales.

      AI Chatbots provide quick resolution and in some cases, can also keep the visitors entertained and amusedwhich ensures a happy customer. As per Comm100’s survey for 2019, the average chatbot customer satisfaction rate is 87.58%! Chatbots may not handle complex issues but they can always assure the customer of an immediate response and connect with the concerned agent. 

      ai chatbot

      The key is: Your customers need a response before the resolution to feel seen and heard by you and your company! The AI Chatbot’s immediate response is all it really requires to retainyour customers, to make them feel seen and heard and they would willingly wait till the concerned agent gets connected.


      2. Quick Resolution: As customers, we all look for fast resolution. We all have a life, we all have plenty of things in our minds, and none of us have time to wait around for our dear resolution. In fact, imagine yourself in the customer’s shoe, the faster you get a resolution, the happier you’d feel! And that’s where chatbot software plays a leading role in the market. They’re designed to handle all the common issues in the snap of one’s finger! In case of any complex query, they assure the customer with some hope, detect and record their basic information and escalate the case to the concerned agent. This works in favour of both - the customer as well as the agent since it saves time and is well organized

      AI Chatbot


      3. 24/7/365 Service: One of the greatest benefits of having an AI Chatbot is its endless availability. This especially helps with small queries or tasks for which the customers shouldn’t have to wait till office hours.

      Think of it from a business owner’s perspective! All humans require breaks and personal life, we have basic human needs, but not Chatbots! As a business owner, you’ll need to hire a group of people for different shift hours, moreover can only cater to your customer’s needs during your working hours. Sounds like you’re limiting your opportunities, really! An AI Chatbot allows you to handle queries 24/7all year longand can engage with unlimited customers simultaneously. This ensures customer satisfaction and further, widens your net for more leads and sales! Chatbots have zero needs and only caters to ours! Therefore, a chatbot software is your go-to tool especially in the market where customers always expect an immediate reply.

      AI Chatbot


      4. Save money: As a business owner, one spendsa lot of money and time on effective customer support and still lose many customers every week, often because of slow to no resolution at all. As per IBM, AI Chatbots save 30% of customer support cost since they effortlessly handle multiple cases at once and offer quality resolution at all times. Moreover, as per Juniper Research, Chatbots can help businesses save 2.5 billion hours by 2023. Therefore, Chatbots allow the business owner to hire fewer customer support agents and invest more in other business development opportunities.

      AI Chatbot



      So many benefits, right? What if I told you there is a lot more? Well, Develop and Promote is here to provide so much more! Your growth does not limit to chats only! At Develop and Promote you get chat automation as well as a 3D Avatar to host your website! Have a sophisticated and well-equipped package with everything you’ll need to aim higher in your market at very affordable prices! Moreover, creating a chatbot is so easy! Neither does one need any technical skills, nor any knowledge about coding. Creating a chatbot only requires one small code which is generated automatically once you customise your AI Chatbot. 


      Get multiple tools and benefits in ONE package! Following are all the amazing tools and services you can enjoy with Develop and Promote’s A.I. Chat Bot:

      AI Chatbot: Enjoy all the benefits of your AI Chatbot and score more leads and sales! Head to the settings and explore the infographics! Read through all the chats with the customer, analyse your customer response based on the buttons clicked and common keyword reply and study the pattern of queries on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Studying your customer response is important to make effective decisions for your business growth.

      AI Chatbot

      Use Ready-Made Chat: All Chatbots work based on a pre-programmed chat dialogue! Therefore, Develop and Promote offers you various scripts for different niches to choose from, so one doesn’t have to waste a lot of time on mapping out an effective chat dialogue, and simply get started!

      AI Chatbot

      Switch to Live Chat: When an agent is available to chat, our Chatbot allows the customer an opportunity to chat directly with a human agent. However, humans cannot be available 24/7 therefore when in the absence of an agent, the chatbot handles the queries and ensures all visitors are responded to with relevant solutions.

      AI Chatbot

      3D Avatars: Develop and Promote offers various attractive 3D Avatars to choose from, which includes appearances of both men and women attired for different niches, various age groups as well as animals!

      AI Chatbot

      Human-Like-Voice: All websites are full of words and pictures but no one has time to read through it all! Therefore, use the attractive 3D Avatars to directly TELL your visitors about yourself! The best part is the 3D Avatar’s voice! Its human-like voice attracts a lot of customers! Moreover, one can customize the Avatar’s voice and accent, speech pace as well as pitch! The moment someone visits your website, use this 3D avatar to grab their attention, fascinate them to spend some time at your website and without wasting time, introduce yourself!

      AI Chatbot

      Ready-Made Speech: Using the Text-to-Speech feature, you allow the Avatar to tell your customers why they must choose you! But it’s common for many business owners to find it hard to form the right marketing words or a sales pitch that would stand out! Therefore, Develop and Promote offers you various scripts for different niches to choose from and simply get started!

      AI Chatbot

      Ultimately, we’ve all dreamt about owning Iron Man’s Jarvis for our own regular tasks, haven’t we? Well, we already own the great Jarvis now!

      Order your own Chatbot now and get ahead in your market! Use the 3D avatar and A.I. Chat Automation to bag everysingle lead, so easily and effortlessly!  At very affordable prices!

      Order withinthe next 14 days to get the application installed for FREE which is commonly worth £159!

      Want assistance with your website development and marketing? Reach out to us and we’ll be delighted to assist you! Develop and Promote has a wealth of knowledge and experience, we’ve been assisting various small and medium scale businesses for over 15 years, therefore, if you have any query regarding website development, marketing or designing, we’re always here to guide you through.

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