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Website Hosting

If you find yourself searching “what is web hosting” you are probably trying to understand how to start building your website or are looking for a new web hosting service. Well, you have come to the right place. Web hosting as you may already know, is a must have when it comes to getting your website live.


Website hosting is a service that allows your server to publish your website files and data on the internet. Anyone who has access to internet, can then access your website through any search engine.


Web hosting with us offers you unlimited bandwidth and disk space. At Develop and Promote we offer a dedicated server for your business which ensures that your website speed is not affected. We store all your website data and emails on our dedicated web server which is UK based. We also offer web hosting services for businesses in USA and Asia. Our server is regularly updated, security patched, and more importantly we take backups of your website every 6 hours and store them on another server.

Benefits of hosting with Develop and Promote



With Develop and Promote, you are guaranteed that your emails and website will be up and running 99.99% of the time.


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Website speed is very important when it comes to deciding where to host your website. If your loading speeds are too low, then your customers are going to go to another business. With Develop and Promote, we provide your business with a dedicated server space, which ensures that you are not sharing your server with other businesses which might slow you down.

Customer Support

We have a dedicated team of developers whose sole responsibility is to make sure that our servers are running at optimal performance and speed at all times.

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We take backups of your website every 6 hours, and make sure to run security patches at regular intervals as well. This ensures optimal security for your website.


As your business grows, your website will grow. And we will be sure to follow. We offer elastic server hosting packages as well as many other custom server hosting options.

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