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5 Quick Wins to Get your Marketing Kick Started

5 Quick Wins to Get your Marketing Kick Started This New Year

Looking to find topics to write about each week for a blog in the world of marketing, can be extremely hard. You see, you want to give people really useful information, without boring them to tears with endless statistics.

I have to admit; I read a lot of blogs, both on forums and in LinkedIn groups, on everything from retail selling to SEO and Social Media advances. Marketing can be a little overwhelming at times, with everyone telling you the correct way to do something, followed by the traditional ‘trip-wire’ of; ‘if you buy my book or course, I’ll get you a 1,000 leads in a year’. Most of this is absolute rubbish. (Well maybe they could get you a 1,000 leads, but whether or not they are relevant to you and your business and likely to purchase is another matter.)


'Black Friday' Is Looking "Rosy" for Online Businesses

One of the many Americanism’s that Britain has adopted over the past few years has been the retail trend known as 'Black Friday'. Traditionally the day after thanksgiving, when many American’s took the day off work in order to have a 4 day weekend, it has now became synonymous with the most popular shopping day of the commercial year. Stores discount heavily to increase spending and achieve excessive revenues in doing so.

So how does this affect us in the UK, and what trends can online retailers take away from it?

In 2014 a survey showed that on Black Friday, 47% of consumers looked at advertising deals online in a search for the best bargains, with 35% buying then and there. This is big news for anyone who has a website or carries out digital marketing. As it shows this is a key time for them to be concentrating their efforts on getting their message and brand across.

“Black Friday through to Christmas generates on average generates 50-100% more revenue than any other non-holiday shopping days throughout the year”. Forbes Magazine


black friday




Know the feeling? No? Then, allow me to explain what CRM is...

Client Relationship Management

CRM is a fantastic tool that wraps Sales, Marketing and Customer Support all up, in one big bow. It’s the lovely little place that holds and stores your, entire client and prospective client’s details, and in turn, saves you from those blasted scrap pieces of paper you keep losing!

CRM can be utilised by your company to manage all interactions between you and your current clients and prospective clients. Meaning, you’ll have a single view of the ENTIRE process from Marketing to Sales and Sales to Customer Growth

At the heart of any business a CRM will be able to present, plan and alert, day to day activities, targets and goals.











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