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Business in Lincoln understand the benefit of networking to improve profits

Develop and Promote actively support referral networking. We currently hold the education co-ordinator role in the Tennyson Chapter and the Web Development slot. Below is a news article of a recent prize the group won.

Networking has long been the way most business has been conducted, but in recent years it has begun to move off the golf course and into the breakfast room.  So big has the popularity of breakfast networking become BNI Tennyson chapter, which meets every Friday 6:45 am at Yots Restaurant in Lincoln has increased its membership by 20% in just 6 short weeks, and continues to grow week on week.

Tips on Choosing a Domain Name Registrar and Hosting Provider

Some quick definitions ...

A Domain Registrar is a company that enables you to register (pay for and own) a domain name such as www.DevelopAndPromote.co.uk.

A Hosting Provider (or company) gives you space on the internet where you can put your website pages (images, text, etc). They backup your content as well as maintain the computers and all the technical stuff related to keeping your website live.

You need both to have a website.

My keys for choosing a domain name registrar:

Migrate new clients from previous Web Design Company

Today we welcome 43 new customers to Develop and Promote. They transfer over to us from a Web Design company that is no longer trading. The first stage is to reassure the customers that they have nothing to worry about with loss of service from us. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with honest and fair advice based on their current position. We have sent out a letter detailing the transfer details which will be followed up with  a phone call to introduce ourselves.

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